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    Tea 101


    Brewing An Amazing Cuppa:


    1. If you’re using a cup, put 1 perfect teaspoon of loose tea into your infuser (tea ball, mesh basket, etc.) If you’re using a teapot, use 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water. If you find that the tea comes out too mild for your taste, use a bit more tea next time.


    1. Pour hot water over the leaves. Use boiling water for black teas and herbals, and slightly cooler water (around 175°) for green, white and oolong teas.


    1. Steep for the appropriate amount of time for your tea. About 5 minutes for black teas, 3 minutes for green, 5 minutes for oolong, white and 7 minutes for herbal.


    Types of Tea:


    White Tea: The lightest in flavour, it is comprised of the youngest tea leaves; the unopened leaf buds. They are simply picked and then air-dried.


    Green Tea: Stronger in flavour than white tea, this tea is made with the older opened leaves as well as the leaf buds. It is steamed or pan-fired to give it a rich, vegetal flavour.


    Oolong Tea: Oolong is between a green and black tea. The leaves are partially oxidized, giving it a unique flavour. Oolongs can be very green or very dark, roasted or unroasted, rolled or straight-leaf. Because of this, they are the broadest category of teas.


    Black Tea: A fully oxidized tea. The leaves are withered, then rolled or crushed to bruise the leaf and allow air to oxidize the leaf. The process is the same as when a piece of fruit is cut and turns brown. When the leaves have fully oxidized, they are lightly roasted to dry them.

    Herbal Blends: Herbal blends include things like mint, chamomile and rooibos. Even though they are brewed like tea, they technically aren’t “tea”, since they contain nothing from the tea plant.


    Feel Amazing - Fuel with tea!