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    Amazing Chai Tea N Spice Company specializes in the best loose leaf tea from around the world. We are Canada's premier tea retailer with over 125 different teas to choose from.
    We are family owned and operated. Our teas are available to Canadians far and wide. We proudly sell superior loose leaf teas made of carefully selected and handcrafted ingredients. Our vision is to be the brand of choice when reaching for a delightful selection of loose leaf tea.  By offering you the best loose leaf teas in Canada, you are assured of getting an amazing cup of tea each time you brew our tea.  Enjoy our amazing tea hot or iced in the comfort of your home or while travelling.

    Tea is in our DNA.  It all started with our mother, who had a histroy steeped in luxury coffee; the finest in the world, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. As a child, we would visit the luscious green fields and collected the best quality tea leaves to be sold at the market in Kingston, Jamaica.

    As a young entrepreneur, my mother understood the importance of quality. She would spend hours carefully selecting and parceling tea leaves for her regular customers at the market. It was here she learned how to blend and mix ingredients to formulate some of the most unique naturally favoured teas.

    She often formulated blends for medicinal purpose. Asthma, fever, diabetes, arthritis, fatigue, stress, headaches, aches and pains, are all symptoms that she provided herbal tea remedies for.

    Her blends comprised of the best ingredients (hibiscus, mint, soursop leaves, lime leaves, orange peels, safflower, moringa, comfry, noni and so much more).

    From her, I developed a distinctive nose for wellness blends. Sadly, we lost her in 2012. Today at Amazing Chai we keep her traditions alive. We serve the best all natural loose leaf teas, that is not only great for you, but will make you Feel Amazing!
    Feel Amazing - Fuel with tea!